GCN Launches the First My IPO Conference

My IPO 1.jpg

Over Labor Day weekend, Global Commerce Network launched its first My IPO event with 13 young men who are beginning their professional careers. My IPO (my initial public offering) is a program designed to support, equip and encourage young professionals as they transition from college into their professions.

Most young people finish their educations well-prepared within the context of their specific areas of study. However, schools and colleges often don't help them develop in other areas that are foundational for long-term personal growth and professional success. My IPO is set up to fill that gap.

GCN offers its extensive theological research on the meaning of work, workplace relationships, and economics to the My IPO participants. By broadening horizons about the profound spiritual meaning of work, these theological perspectives are vital in our materialist modern era, which offers us a lot to live with but very little to live for. During the most recent event, prominent writers and business leaders discussed the theological roots of innovation, entrepreneurship, calling and vocation, and the importance of strong character.

In addition to theology, this My IPO event included a site visit to a local business start-up. During the visit, the company owner shared his powerful story of what it takes to develop a business from an idea into a reality. The participants also saw first-hand how a business can bring well-being, or shalom, to an entire community. We also heard from a renowned artist, who spoke on creativity, risk, perseverance, and relationships in the workplace.

The My IPO group also learned about time management skills from a Fortune 500 executive coach and author. We toured lower downtown Denver, an area that had been dilapidated but is now a thriving center of cultural life—thanks to entrepreneurs. Rounding out our program was business leader Dan Woodridge who spoke on “How to Thrive in the New Economy.”

My IPO is designed to be small—not more than 15 participants. This enables each person's specific questions to be addressed. Friendships develop and strengthen. Perhaps some will go on to work with each other, including in their own business start-ups. GCN leaders will provide ongoing support, mentoring and networking for those who attend.

For more information on this program, you can visit the My IPO page on this website.