About My IPO

Leaping into a career can seem daunting. Will I find a job that fits with me? Will my work be meaningful? My education gave me a good understanding of my field, but what if I'm not certain about my direction? What about workplace relationships, innovation, managing finances, time management, balancing work and family? Do I have to figure all this out alone? My IPO is designed to support, encourage, and equip young men and women who are just entering their careers—their initial public offering to the world.


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Innovation, work, and theology


Modernism gives us a lot to live with, but by stripping away a theological perspective from the public sphere, it leaves us little to live for. GCN counters that trend by integrating the Scriptures with My IPO's forums on work, workplace relationships, and economics. Prominent artists and business leaders discuss the relationship between theology and innovation.


Entrepreneurial Vision

The My IPO program includes site visits to successful start-up businesses. Entrepreneurs talk about what it takes to take a business from idea to reality, and how to develop a business that serves community needs.

Global career and economic trends

My IPO participants gain a deeper understanding of how to survive and thrive in the rapidly changing global economy. Prominent business leaders share what they have learned from years of frontline experience.



Partnership and friendship

My IPO events are small so that you can form good friendships—perhaps even start a business—with the other participants. Research shows that strong relationships make work more joyful and life more fulfilling. And because professional life is based on networks, we emphasize how to relate well in the workplace.


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