GCN publishes books designed to help leaders explore the interplay of theology, work, relationships, and economics.

Only belatedly are we coming to recognize that economics, far from being an independent discipline, is intimately tied . . . to the broadest questions of worldview.
— D.A. Carson

Study guides

Developed over six years of research by a group of business leaders and theologians, GCN's study guides are used by small groups of business professionals around the world. The series is designed to stimulate vibrant conversations about business and economics in a simple, real-world, practical way—including theological perspectives that expand the meaning of our work and businesses, give value and dignity to workers, and amplify our understanding of wealth and economics. Purchases can be made from Amazon in print and digital formats.

As we engage in commerce, our decisions and actions matter not just for our own lives, but also for our communities and even the next generation. This sobering responsibility compels us to rethink the status quo . . .
— GCN Press