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Only belatedly are we coming to recognize that economics, far from being an independent discipline, is intimately tied . . . to the broadest questions of worldview.
— D.A. Carson

Church Without Walls

Jim Petersen


The Entrepreneurial God

Donald McGilchrist


One Another

Ken Lottis


The Scriptural Roots of commerce

First published in 1994 and now used by small groups of business professionals around the world, the Scriptural Roots of Commerce (SRC) is a series that explores a theology of work and commerce. The series is designed to stimulate vibrant conversations about business and economics. Purchases can be made by searching "Scriptural Roots of Commerce" or any of the individual titles below in the Amazon search utility.

Why God Matters -- Explores theological questions about business and and work.

Why People Matter -- Opens insights into the idea that commerce is about people.

Life in the Kingdom -- Develops the theology that work and business can be are purposeful.

Working Together -- Strong relationships are the foundation for strong businesses.

The Meaning of Work -- A robust theology of work, innovation, leadership, and rest.

The Economy of God -- A new perspective on wealth and economics.

Facilitator's Guide -- Practical help for leading small think tanks through the SRC.

As we engage in commerce, our decisions and actions matter not just for our own lives, but also for our communities and even the next generation. This sobering responsibility compels us to rethink the status quo . . .
— The Scriptural Roots of Commerce