Influencing Business Leaders and Professionals


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Shaping business cultures

In our 25-year history, GCN has held small and large conferences for business leaders in Latin America, Africa, and the U.S. In addition, approximately 200 regional peer groups for business leaders and professionals around the world use GCN's book series titled the Scriptural Roots of Commerce to explore new ways of thinking about innovation, workplace culture, the meaning of work, and economics. These groups result in peer-to-peer business consulting, new business partnerships, and lasting friendships. GCN can help you start a group, learn to be a better small-group facilitator, and provide you with books and materials.



In 2018, GCN will launch a new initiative for young professionals who are just starting their careers. They are, in fact, stepping into their "initial public offering." During three-day seminars for about 20 young men and women, seasoned business leaders will provide theological and practical insights designed to help a new generation survive and thrive in today's dynamic economy. Business leaders continue to provide support and mentoring through the young professional's first years of career development.