Ghana Health Care Initiative

A PMMI Mobile Medical Clinic in Ghana

A PMMI Mobile Medical Clinic in Ghana


The need

In many places across Africa, the need for health care is severely limited, especially among the rural populations and urban poor. For example, in Liberia there is one doctor per 75,000 people, according to Laurie Garrett of the Council on Foreign relations.

Building brick and mortar medical clinics is expensive and time consuming. Although African countries such as Ghana have well-trained medical professionals, doctors and nurses often lack the a medical facility to serve people. 

A solution

Primary Mobile Med International, a company based in Topeka, Kansas offers a high quality and rapidly deployed means for bringing health-care access to alleviate the needs described above. PMMI CEO Tom Petersen has developed mobile medical clinics that can be delivered fully equipped with everything medical professionals need to provide primary health care to underserved populations. These clinics can be set up and working at a fraction of the cost of building brick and mortar clinics. 

PMMI's clinics have already been field tested in Accra. Working with Dr. Edith Clarke, a prominent physician in Ghana, a medical center with five PMMI mobile medical clinics has been set up in an industrial center, providing immediate high-quality health care to 75,000 Ghanaian workers. 

GCN Contract with PMMI

Global Commerce Network's mission is to help business leaders develop businesses that can serve the needs of underserved populations. PMMI is one such company. GCN has contracted with PMMI as GCN's vendor to deliver primary health care to Ghana.


PMMI CEO Tom Petersen (far left) meeting with Ghanaian health officials and doctors. 

PMMI CEO Tom Petersen (far left) meeting with Ghanaian health officials and doctors. 

PMMI has a formal contract with the Ghana Ministry of Health to deliver up to 3000 mobile medical clinics. GCN, an NGO with 501(c)3 non-profit status since 1994, is soliciting funds to carry out the GCN Ghana Health Care Initiative. To launch the first phase of MMC deployment in Ghana, GCN is seeking $3 million. 


Ghana Health Service estimates that 27 million people will receive health care annually at PMMI clinics.  Health care provides people with hope and a capital base, to defeat the “diseases of despair” caused by stress, fear, spiritual emptiness, and violence in some underdeveloped African nations.


PMMI trains Ghanaian medical professionals on EMR software. 

PMMI trains Ghanaian medical professionals on EMR software. 

In addition, the PMMI clinics will be used as on-the-ground health care data collection centers. Each MMC comes equipped with a computer and proprietary EMR software. This enables medical professionals and researchers to quickly identify infectious diseases (such as Ebola), and to track chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and hepatitis C. 

Finally, PMMI is working with two universities and several other non-profit health care organizations that are eager to use the company's MMCs as platforms for educating Ghanaians about nutrition, preventative health care, and agricultural techniques. 

Financial Integrity 

GCN has a robust Financial Integrity Model (FIM), to which PMMI has agreed to adhere.  In addition, GCN's lean operating structure allows us to apply an extremely high percentage of all donated funds directly to on-the-ground services. Oversight and accountability is provided by the GCN governing board of directors as well as the New Horizons Foundation, a bonded and insured foundation that provides assistance to non-profit organizations such as GCN. 

We can provide a full view of the FIM and other disclosures about GCN's contract with PMMI upon request.