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GCN Publishes "One Another"

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Here is a memoir written for our increasingly impersonal, lonely, and distrustful age. Author Ken Lottis demonstrates that it is possible to develop strong, intimate, long-term friendships in the midst of stressful professional demands.

One Another—written with humor, spiritual insight, and transparency—will inspire readers to live and work for what matters most: the people in our lives. You can purchase the book in print and digital formats from Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

In the mid-1960s, Ken and his college friend, Jim Petersen, along with their wives and small children, embarked on a surprising Brazilian adventure. Moving from the United States to Brazil, they settled in the southern city of Curitiba during an era of deep political and social turmoil.

Overcoming false suspicions that they were CIA agents, Ken and Jim began to develop friendships with university students. They presented the students with an authentic opportunity to think about life’s biggest questions and to strengthen friendships within the context of normal Brazilian routines. Gradually, these relationships extended organically to include classmates, hometown sweethearts, and relatives.

What emerged—and continues today—is a simple but powerful expression of friendship and faith. The Brazilians taught them that our deepest human needs are best served when we love one another and live for God in daily life.

One Another will fill your mind with ideas for how to invest in your relationships and deepen your faith in God without religious structures.