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Global Commerce Network is excited to publish the second edition of Church Without Walls by Jim Petersen.

Since Church Without Walls was first published in 1992, we’ve seen the Internet revolutionize social relations, dramatically reshaping the ways that this generation experiences the world. Notions of “community” and “friendship” have moved from the front porch to virtual connections. Postmodernism has expanded. Americans are experiencing what some call an “epidemic of loneliness.”

As Jim shows in Church Without Walls, the Scriptures give us the freedom to be the church (not just go to church), including in our professional lives, so that we can better influence our needy world. We just need to broaden our understanding—biblically—of “church” and to regain our focus on why we are in the world.

Walking us through some of the key moments in Western church history, Petersen shows us that many of our customs and traditions are extra-scriptural. This does not mean that they are all wrong; however, many of these traditions make it unnecessarily harder to influence our increasingly postmodern society. 

For business leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals, Petersen presents a scriptural case that daily work is integrated with what it means to be the church and to participate in God's meaningful purposes in the world. Young professionals who are just launching their careers will find freedom in the Scriptures to better bring hope and love to this generation. 

Jim Petersen is also the author of influential books, such as The Insider, Living Proof, and More Than Me.

Church Without Walls can be purchased in print and ebook formats from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other book distribution platforms.